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           Mangapwani Serena Beach Club

Backed by coconut palms fronted by secluded white sandy beaches and rocky coves, looking out over an expanse of translucent turquoise ocean where dolphin arc, turtles potter and curtains of rhinestone fish drift amongst rainbow coral gardens, the Mangapwani Serena Beach Club is the ultimate island paradise.

Located on the unspoilt northwest coast of Zanzibar, this exclusive club offers sybaritic serenity, sun worship, swimming, sea sports, sumptuous seafood and a lavish array of barbecues, Swahili specialties and tropical fruits. Amenities include opulent day beds, palm-thatched parasols, henna body art and luxury changing and rest rooms. The activities on offer include swimming, snorkeling, sea kayaking, diving, water sports, dhow trips and nature trails plus visits to a dhow workshop and the brooding caverns of the Mangapwani Slave Caves where slaves were hidden after the abolishment of slavery made their shipment illegal. They were then smuggled down to the slave ships at the dead of night. The Mangapwani Serena Beach Club can be enjoyed for days on the beach and lavish luncheons or booked for exotic evening cocktails and beach barbeques.

At Mangapwani Beach Club and Restaurant, guests can spend the day on the beach soaking up the African sun, taking the odd dip in the sea to cool down or enjoying the many water sports on offer.

When it comes to lunchtime, guests can stroll over to one of the tables shaded by thatch awning and enjoy a lavish buffet lunch. The menu has something for everyone, but mostly takes advantage of Zanzibar's wonderful seafood. A chef is on hand at the buffet to prepare dishes to your requirements, adding the perfect blend of famous Zanzibari spices.

The beach club offers rest rooms and changing rooms and a bar offering a variety of cool refreshments throughout the day. Self-guided and guided nature and cultural walks are available that include the nearby historical Mangapwani Slave Caves where the slaves of the 1800s were kept awaiting the monsoons and the arrival of the dhows. Transport to the Zanzibar Serena Inn is available by road or by boat (depending on times and tides) from the the Mangapwani Serena Beach Club and Restaurant.






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