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Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania - Scale the Highest Mountain in Africa!

Picture featuring our clients on Top of Kilimanjaro

Scott Christman/Ryan Price/Maria Orosz/Anne Gillespie/Andrew Klinger from Baltimore, USA.

Astride the equator yet permanently snow-capped at 5895m (19341ft) high, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's roof top and the world's highest free standing mountain which can be climbed by any physically fit person. John Rebmann, a German missionary, was one of the first westerners to explore the mountain in 1841. He announced to the world the existence of Great Mountain "capped in a glacier".

Kilimanjaro is composed of three peaks: Kibo (5895m)- whose highest peak is Uhuru Peak, Mawenzi (5150m)- which is a technical climb - and Shira (3962m). Its mass rises 4800m above a rolling plain that averages 1000m above sea level. After reaching a height of 5900m during its last major eruption 360,000 years ago, Kibo has been eroded by glaciers, rivers and landslides to its present height. It is believed that Kilimanjaro like its neighbor
Mt. Kenya is loosing glaciers due to global warming. 

To avoid altitude sickness and failure, it is important to acclimatize by ascending slowly and steadily. It is best to plan a stay at a hotel in Moshi or Arusha rather than climbing directly after arrival. Due to the altitude, a minimum of five days is strongly recommended, however most people do six days for acclimatization reason, hence higher chance of reaching the summit!

The mount Kilimanjaro has several routes; they are Marangu, Machame, Western Breach, Mweka, Umbwe, Lemosho and Rongai.




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